High-Quality Leads That Your
Sales Team Will Love

We Fill Your Sales Pipeline With Highly Qualified, Exclusive, Real-Time Leads
That Convert To Closed Deals.

Pay Per Lead - No Contracts. No Setup Fees. No Monthly Fees - Guaranteed Results!

Lead Generation Without The Risk

Our business model is a business owners dream!
We provide highly qualified leads, in real-time, on a Pay Per Lead (PPL) basis.
We fund the creation, launch and ongoing management.

Forget expensive, underperforming agencies, who expect a long-term retainer contract and don’t guarantee their work!

You tell us what a qualified lead is for you. We agree on a cost per lead. You decide how many leads you want. 
It’s that easy to get started!

Pay Per Lead

Only pay for the leads you need.
We have built a system for targeting, qualifying and delivering exclusive leads. We guarantee our results, if we don’t deliver, we refund you.

Lead Segmentation

Bespoke lead segmentation is what makes our leads amazing. Leads are segmented based on their level of interest - you will only be dealing with the leads that fit your criteria.

Funnel Builds

When you engage with us, we build high converting custom sales funnels using proven market leading systems, tailored to your lead criteria at no additional cost.

Our Industries - Who Can We Help?

We work with a range of industries across the globe and have a strict criteria of who we work with.
Join over 75 companies who trust us to deliver qualified leads.

Home Loans

Personal Loans

House/Land Packages

Solar (Residential)

Solar (Commercial)

Business Gov. Grants

Life Insurance

Income Protection

Compensation Lawyers


Are We A Fit?

We have a strict criteria of who we work with:

50 +

  You need 50 – 1000 leads (per week)
  You have a large audience reach (city/state/national)
  You have a well-oiled sales system in place
  You have a high performing sales team
  You are ready to grow/scale aggressively
  Your sales are typically made online/phone
  Your Average Order Value (AOV) is $2,000 +
  You have a healthy budget
  You have a great hook/offer for your product/service

You'll Get Both Quality & Quantity

You'll get targeted leads that only meet the pre-qualification criteria set by you. Ensuring you get exceptional contact rates and high engagement for your sales team.

You tell us what type of lead will most likely convert into a customer and we'll send as many as you can handle, straight into your CRM.

Exclusive leads. Never shared. Never re-sold.

You'll Only Pay For Leads You Need

We are a Pay-Per-Lead agency which means... All funnel builds, all management fees, all advertising costs, our professional copywriters, any content creation, any video footage to generate leads for your business...
IS INCLUDED in the cost per lead.

Just pay for the leads you need. Simple and easy.

You'll Scale & Grow Very Quickly

From 50 leads per week to 1,000 leads per week, we've built a proprietary system that targets, qualifies and delivers leads to help you scale your lead volume, all on demand.

Once systems and ads are dialed in...
Just order on a Friday & we'll start delivering on Monday.

We Aren’t Your Traditional Agency

There are thousands of traditional digital agencies, and they all offer the same thing. Here’s why you should choose us. 

Traditional Agency Model​

Pay Per Lead Model​

Our Extensive Lead Process

Our job is to find people who need your product/service, then send them to you to convert into sales.
We spend hours analysing, tweaking, revising, and amending to make sure you get the customers you need.
Here is our systematic process below:


We attract leads by laser targeted advertising on Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, and many more partner platforms. We pay for this advertising using our own money and send people to our custom built funnels.


We direct leads to our custom built landing pages and funnels, where leads are further educated and detailed on the hook/offer for your product/service. They are then directed to our in-depth qualification quiz funnel.


All leads are taken through a multi-step qualification quiz funnel, ensuring that you only get 'premium' quality leads that meet the pre-qualification criteria set by you. All leads are validated, verified, and ready for a phone call.


Leads are integrated for 24/7 real-time delivery into your CRM, sent straight to your sales team so you can contact the lead immediately while it is hot.

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Meet The Team

We are a team of 7 specialised staff with over 39 years digital marketing experience, dedicated and striving to always over-deliver.

Chris Stanton
Managing Director
Ryan Turner
Design & Development
Belinda Pearce
Media Buyer
Yatin Singh
Software Engineer
Sam Tobin
Data Management
Bianca Sait
Sales Operations Manager
Sally Creed
Social Media Manager

Meet Chris

After being in business for over 15 years, I understand that good quality leads are the life-blood of any company.
No Leads = No Sales = No Cashflow

Since founding our agency, I noticed that most digital marketing agencies were ripping-off companies left, right and centre; charging huge retainer fees without guaranteeing results, and not 
providing the value they’re paid for. 

I wanted to fix this, so we moved to the unique “Pay Per Lead” model, where the client and agency benefits. 
My vision is to create the best quality and value for money PPL agency; providing businesses a quick ROI, increased profits, and scalability – with guaranteed results.

I understand that businesses:
1. Need results FAST, they don’t have time to hope for results.
2. Simply want high qualified leads to increase; sales, revenue, and profit.
3. Need a quick ROI, and the ability to scale quickly.

My approach is a simple no ‘fluff’, honest and BS free approach to scaling and growing businesses. 
Our strategies work, we’ve had 7 figure budgets thrown at them and they have been finely tuned accordingly.

We create results-based partnerships with all our clients, and only work with a small number of clients, so we can dedicate our resources effectively.

If driving more clients to your business keeps you up at night, then let’s talk results and ROI – it’s what we love to do.

Meet Chris

Clients We Work With

Why Buy Our Leads?

A+ Lead Quality

You'll only get 'premium' quality leads that meet the pre-qualification criteria set by you.

Lead Validation

All leads are taken through a qualification quiz funnel, verified, and ready for a call.

High Volume Scale

We can generate 50 - 1,000 leads per week to help your sales team scale and grow.

Exclusive Leads

All qualified leads are exclusively yours. We don't share/resell to other companies.


We achieve results quickly (5-7 days). Plug & play our leads instantly into any sales process.

Real-Time Delivery

Leads are integrated for 24/7 real-time delivery into your CRM, sent straight to your sales team.

Guaranteed Results

Results are 100% guaranteed!
No leads = No Fees.
If we don’t deliver, we refund you.

No Contracts

No contracts, No setup fees, No monthly management fees, No min time (week-week basis).


Only pay for the leads you need.
Turn Up/Down and On/Off when required.


Our well-oiled lead system is reliable. You can plan ahead and project future growth numbers.


Our model is geared towards increasing your bottom-line ROI.
We make the numbers stack up.

We Handle The Lot

We fund the landing pages, funnels, ad creation, ad spend and ongoing management.

Want High Quality Leads - With No Risk?

Find out if you qualify for Pay Per Lead Marketing. Speak To A Marketer, Not A Salesperson
Schedule a call to talk about your business. No commitment, no sales pitch, just a conversation.